Soffit & Fascia.

When you look at your home’s exterior, you might notice that something is missing if you don’t have soffit and fascia installed. Most homeowners have them added as part of their roofing installation. If you are building a new home or replacing your roof, you need to know exactly what soffit and fascia are, how they help your home, and how to care for them.

What are Soffit & Fascia?

To locate soffit on a house, you need to look at the area that spans beneath the rafter tails. Fascia, on the other hand, is the area that is exposed at the end of the rafters. Since soffit and fascia are part of the aesthetics of your home’s exterior, many people want the color and material to compliment the rest of their home’s exterior. Both parts are usually made of materials like aluminum and wood.


  • Benefits of Soffit & Fascia
    While most people think that the sole purpose of soffit and fascia is to give your home’s exterior a more finished look, their use goes beyond just visual appeal. In fact, these roof parts are just as functional as they are fashionable. Both components play an integral role in keeping pests out of your home. With proper installation, you can protect your home from nesting birds, bats, and squirrels. Soffit and fascia also provide a stylish way of hiding your attic’s ventilation. Lastly, they prevent moisture from coming into your house when the wind blows rain under its eaves.

  • Proper Care.
    As with most things in life, you need to maintain your soffit and fascia in order to ensure that they are in optimal condition. You should check both parts of your roof annually while you look over the rest of your roof. If you notice any peeling paint or cracked seals, you need to consider replacing or repairing the issues. You also need to inspect your soffit and fascia for mold and mildew. A soft brush and a bleach water solution can easily clean it. Finally, you should also look for signs of insect nests, such as bees or hornets. Depending on the size and location of the nest, you may need to call professionals to handle the removal. If you are ready to install beautiful, new soffit and fascia in your home. You can give us a call or fill out our online form to request a free quote.